Citrus Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - Kate's Better Bite

It is almost summer! You know what that means? Fresh, juicy, delicious strawberries are in season! It also means we can make large batches of citrus cheesecake stuffed strawberries again.

Strawberries are great on their own but why not stuff them with cheesecake?!  This makes an awesome healthier dessert for those summer cookouts. Plus, it’s so easy! Continue reading

Juicing vs. Blending – The Basics

We have been making smoothies in a blender since kids, blending is nothing new. Juicing is not a new thing either but it has become very popular recently. I have only tried juices one time from The Garden Table in Indianapolis and they were so delicious! I do not make juices at home though. I actually prefer blending because I like to keep as many nutrients as possible in my drink. Some people may not like the pulp in a blended drink and may prefer juicing. If you have ever wondered about the differences, this post will quickly cover juicing vs. blending – the basics.

There are also some recipes for drinks you can make at home as well as the health benefits of each one. Continue reading

Healthier Apple Crisp

On a beautiful Saturday in October, my family and I went to an apple orchard for the second time this fall. We went earlier in the fall, I think it was early September, and most apples were not ready to be picked yet. We had to make a second trip when most apples would be ready. Let me tell you, we came home with more apples than we knew what to do with, so I decided I would try (for the first time ever) to make apple desserts. I’m not calling this apple crisp a healthy apple crisp, but a healthier apple crisp because I cannot completely eliminate butter to have a proper crisp!

Healthier Apple Crisp

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All About Bloody Mary Cocktails

It’s not a secret that I love a good Bloody Mary. Not just during a Sunday brunch though, I like a Bloody Mary even in the evenings! This post will tell you all about Bloody Mary cocktails: recipes, garnishes, and a good pre-made mix for when you’re short on time or don’t like making your own drinks from scratch.

Bloody Mary

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Vegetarian Quesadillas With Mushrooms Cooked In Wine – Guest Post

Today I have a special recipe post. This is the first guest post on Kate’s Better Bite! This recipe was created by Viktor Milevski who lives all the way in Macedonia. He is the editor of the FashionCorner blog but he also loves to cook. He came up with these delicious Vegetarian Quesadillas With Mushrooms Cooked In Wine. 

Vegetarian Quesadillas With Mushrooms Cooked In Wine

If you are looking for a fantastic, low-guilt snack for any occasion without having to spend hours in the kitchen, today I will present you a great recipe. The vegetarian quesadillas with mushrooms cooked in wine is a great recipe for a movie night with your family or for home parties. They are tasty, easy to make and are a true crowd-pleaser. They are crispy and golden at the edges and their interior is soft because of the melted cheese. Continue reading

Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Frosting

By far the best frosting is cream cheese frosting. I don’t think plain white frosting should ever be used in desserts, but maybe that’s just me. This sugar-free cream cheese frosting recipe is definitely much healthier than a regular cream cheese frosting. It avoids butter and sugar!

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