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Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cookie Pie

Look at that mouthwatering cookie pie!

Deep Dish Cookie Pie - Kate's Better Bite

Some of you may know that I have a major sweet tooth. This might not be obvious since most of the recipes found here so far are not desserts. That is because making desserts, especially baking, is too much of a science for me. I just like to throw things in a pan and make good flavors!

So I decided that rather than staying away from desserts, I will test out other bloggers’ recipes and post the results and thoughts here! The goal is to learn more about how to make desserts and then eventually I may actually come up with some of my own recipes. I think this is going to turn into a whole new “Recipe Reviews” section!

First up is Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie pie! This recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie’s healthy dessert blog. I have been following her for about two years now and may start trying more of her recipes. (more…)

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Banana Bread Cookies

Does it seem like I was having one of those cravings for two different things eaten together? Banana bread and cookies.. Well actually I was trying to create a healthier snickerdoodle but in the process discovered that I should really just give up trying to make butter-less snickerdoodles. So instead I ended up at these delicious banana bread cookies.

Banana Bread Cookies