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Healthy Seven Layer Dip

My fiancĂ© has “food days” at work where people pitch in and bring in food for his team. He has asked me to make things before but since I pretty much refuse to make unhealthy food (even dessert), I did not want to spend time figuring out how to make something better. But now since I have this blog, the more chances I have to come up with new recipes and have people, especially strangers, taste test them, the better!

So he came home one evening and asked me to make a seven layer dip. I have never made a seven layer dip before, but I have eaten it (once or twice). At first I was worried, “I’ve never made that before! What if it turns out horrible and people will never want his fiancĂ© to make anything ever again?” But I was happy to figure it out. After all, I was only helping him eat healthier at work, right?

Healthy Seven Layer Dip - Kate's Better Bite

This dip (pictured) was my original idea but what he brought to work was actually slightly different because he asked me to include a couple of other ingredients. I will post that variation soon, which is actually an eight layer dip. Both versions got great responses though. I like this version of the healthy seven layer dip better because it uses more fresh ingredients.

Healthy Seven Layer Dip - Kate's Better Bite