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Healthier Apple Crisp

On a beautiful Saturday in October, my family and I went to an apple orchard for the second time this fall. We went earlier in the fall, I think it was early September, and most apples were not ready to be picked yet. We had to make a second trip when most apples would be ready. Let me tell you, we came home with more apples than we knew what to do with, so I decided I would try (for the first time ever) to make apple desserts. I’m not calling this apple crisp a healthy apple crisp, but a healthier apple crisp because I cannot completely eliminate butter to have a proper crisp!

Healthier Apple Crisp


Apple Butternut Squash Soup

Apple Butternut Squash Soup - Kate's Better BiteMy fiancé and I had our three year anniversary last month. (3 years already! Crazy how time flies!) It was our last anniversary before we would be married and would have a new anniversary date.

I have been wanting to go to a restaurant called Recess for about a year now and we finally went there to celebrate. The chef and owner of this restaurant, Greg Hardesty, is one of the best chefs in Indianapolis and I couldn’t wait to try one of his four-course meals.

Did I take pictures of my meal? You betcha.. except I didn’t think of taking pictures until AFTER the first course, so no picture of that wonderful salad. (more…)

Football Chili

My fiancé loves football. He cannot get enough of it. He also loves chili.. so he made this recipe all on his own to be able to have chili while watching football. It’s interesting that he hates to cook but sometimes, very rarely, he gets excited about making something.

The funny thing is that he’s known to burn food that’s cooked in liquid, such as spaghetti.. He’s done it multiple times! How does he do it? Who knows…it’s a mystery to me. I was at work when he was making this chili and a couple of hours after he started it, I got a text: “I burned the chili.” What?? How did you manage that?? He has a special talent! It definitely added a unique flavor to the chili but nevertheless, it was still delicious. I’m sharing his recipe but I’m going to leave the burning step out, sound good?

Football Season Chili - Kate's Better Bite

This football chili recipe has a special ingredient: beer. I don’t know how old I look in my picture, but I promise I’m over 21! (more…)

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

I did not grow up with Halloween since we do not celebrate it in Russia, but I love this holiday now! It’s so much fun to see little kids all dressed up and excited!

When I first moved here, we did not live in a neighborhood so my parents never had to give out candy. I usually went trick-or-treating in a friend’s neighborhood which made it more fun anyway!

Eventually, after I was too old to go trick-or-treating, my family moved to a neighborhood so then I actually got to give out candy and see the neighborhood kids all dressed up. And now I have my own house and neighborhood. This will be my first time giving out candy in my new neighborhood. Hopefully I won’t be left with too much candy or even worse – run out of candy!

Anyway, these pumpkin Rice Krispie treats are a perfect treat for Halloween. However, I do not recommend giving these out to your neighborhood kids – I’m no expert on Halloween rules but I’m pretty sure it’s only acceptable to give unopened, store-bought treats.

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats - Kate's Better Bite


Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice

Every time I go to the new-and-improved Kroger close to my house I look forward to trying a new recipe, a new cheese, and maybe even sushi (if I get lucky). They have a small station specifically for cooking something up and giving it out as samples. Of course I’m not a fan of everything I try but one day they had a dish called “Harvest Rice” and I liked it enough to grab the recipe!

It was so comforting, creamy, slightly sweet, and slightly crunchy. It was healthy enough that I thought it was a perfect fall recipe to share. Of course the recipe was modified but the qualities of the dish are the same: comforting, creamy, semi-sweet, and crunchy.

Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice - Kate's Better Bite

By adding chicken and vegetables to the original recipe, this dish became an easy one pot kind of meal. This Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice was not originally a Crock-Pot dish but after spending hours boiling a whole chicken and then removing the bones, I realized this would be a perfect dish for a Crock-Pot! (Minus the whole chicken part…) (more…)

Pumpkin Turkey Meatloaf

Happy fall everyone! I can’t believe it’s officially the first day of fall already! I am super excited to share this fall recipe with you: pumpkin turkey meatloaf. It’s one of my favorite recipes and I don’t think it should be restricted to making only during the fall, by the way.

Pumpkin Turkey Meatloaf - Kate's Better Bite