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Low Carb Slow Cooker Lasagna

Lasagna is a delicious comfort food. Of course with so much cheese and pasta, you can’t really eat it every day, even though I know you want to.   🙂

What if I told you that you could make lasagna and eat it every day? I have already made this low carb slow cooker lasagna twice in one month and the best part is that my fiancĂ© absolutely LOVES this recipe. That’s a big deal because he loves his mom’s lasagna and it’s tough to compete with an Italian family’s lasagna!

Low Carb Slow Cooker Lasagna - Kate's Better Bite

What makes this lasagna so healthy? Well, a couple of things:

Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice

Every time I go to the new-and-improved Kroger close to my house I look forward to trying a new recipe, a new cheese, and maybe even sushi (if I get lucky). They have a small station specifically for cooking something up and giving it out as samples. Of course I’m not a fan of everything I try but one day they had a dish called “Harvest Rice” and I liked it enough to grab the recipe!

It was so comforting, creamy, slightly sweet, and slightly crunchy. It was healthy enough that I thought it was a perfect fall recipe to share. Of course the recipe was modified but the qualities of the dish are the same: comforting, creamy, semi-sweet, and crunchy.

Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice - Kate's Better Bite

By adding chicken and vegetables to the original recipe, this dish became an easy one pot kind of meal. This Cranberry Almond Chicken and Rice was not originally a Crock-Pot dish but after spending hours boiling a whole chicken and then removing the bones, I realized this would be a perfect dish for a Crock-Pot! (Minus the whole chicken part…) (more…)

Turkey Tenderloin Slow Cooker Stew

Have you ever searched for a recipe ingredient that seemed very basic but turned out to be really hard to find? That’s what happened to me with this stew. Apparently turkey tenderloins are a rare find, at least in the Indianapolis area. After going to two different grocery stores, I ended up settling for a pre-marinated turkey tenderloin, hoping the flavor would fit well in the stew.

The thing I love about cooking though is that almost anything can be replaced with something else. Now baking is a different story, don’t try to replace ingredients when baking unless you know what you’re doing.

If you can’t find turkey tenderloins (even the pre-marinated kind), you may use chicken breast tenderloins or even use beef!

A couple of weeks after making this stew I went to a Kroger that was remodeled and expanded recently and it had all kinds of turkey products – ground turkey, turkey tenderloins, even turkey drumsticks! I know where I’m going for turkey from now on!

Turkey Tenderloin Slow Cooker Stew - Kate's Better Bite